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Frequently asked questions

what is sterling silver 925?

Sterling silver is an alloy created when copper is added to pure silver in order to make the resulting compound more durable and less soft.

925 silver is a high quality metal from which thousands of beautiful jewelry are made every day around the world. It consists of 92.5% of pure silver and the remaining 7.5% is mainly copper or other metals.

If you have a piece of jewelry that is stamped with the number 925, then this indicates its authenticity. Many times you will come across silver jewelry gilded or platinum with the same stamp. This is because the base metal is still 925 silver. This makes it possible to wear a 925 sterling silver jewelry.

Does the silver 925 blame?

Yes, silver always fades. Water and chemicals are its biggest enemy as mentioned above but fortunately we can slow down the process.

Clean your jewelry from time to time with a clean cloth and water and at the end wipe them carefully so that no moisture remains. Alternatively, use the special polishing products that you will find in the market or visit a store so that the experts can take care of it.

Nano ceramic e-coating jewelry (black color): What it is?

The term Electrophoretic coating (e-coating) is used to describe the process of depositing certain particles onto the surface of a piece of metal. It’s also commonly applied to different everyday objects such as cars, furniture, containers, etc.

What about the difference between enameling, plating, and e-coating?

By the term enameling we mean the procedure of baking of powdered glass on top of the metal; the most common type of enamel has an opaque look and it's main use is to highlight details instead of coloring the entire piece of jewelry.

As Plating is concerned it's the electrical conveyance of gold or rhodium particles onto the surface of the item; a thin layer of the new metal develops on top of the jewelry.

On the other hand, E-coating is a semi-transparent mixture of enameling and plating; acrylic or ceramic particles are electrically carried and adhered to the surface, and the item is baked in an oven or kiln to cure the coating.

What is gold plated jewelry?

When we talk about the process of plating we mean that a piece of jewelry made from a certain metal or alloy is covered with a layer of another metal. So "gold plating" is the method that we can deposit a thin layer of gold onto the surface of another metal by chemical or electrochemical plating.
Think of a ring that it's base metal is copper or silver, but on the outer surface it has a thin layer of gold; that's an example of a gold plated item of jewellery.

How long does gold plated jewelry last?

In general, the length of time depends on whether or not you decide to properly maintain your jewelry. On average, gold plated jewelry can last about two years (before the gold plating begins to tarnish and wear down).